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Product Development

Falling fruit border for Naked FoodsIt all starts with our dedicated development team – they are the creative ones, they beaver away developing lots of goodies for customers who produce:

Yogurt & Desserts
The team are happily working on and creating fruit and confectionery preparations for yummy yogurts and gooey desserts, they centre their development around using natural ingredients and some of their recent NPD work includes products with no flavours, no stabilisers, reduced sugar and even some new preparations with no added sugar, so whether you want a product with high visual fruit ID or a smooth glossy sauce please…just ask.

Ice Cream
Always nice to have a little taste while developing for Ice Cream – various fruit ripples, sauces and syrups, fruit coulis, compotes and delicious confectionery sauces like luxurious chocolates, fudge, toffee’s and caramels…all rather mouth-watering!

Bakery and Patisserie
We rather enjoy developing products for such indulgent treats, and in bakery and patisserie it’s very rewarding, conjuring up new NPD needing fruit and confectionery fillings and toppings, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

Organic & Fairtrade
Exciting times, we can now offer Organic fruit and confectionery preparations, sauces and fillings for all application areas such as Yogurt, Dessert, Ice Cream Bakery and Patisserie, celebrate the love of good food, it’s a natural choice and a healthy attitude.

Our creative team likes the challenge of developing something new, so much so we have to make sure they don’t try too many samples!

We believe using the best ingredients available is the key to delivering you the finest taste. We will work with you and develop what you ask for, every now and again our creative team may give you a quick call and ask if we can tweak a couple of things just so we can make sure the product tastes and works the way you want it.