Yoghurt and fruit banner for Naked Foods


We supply tasty extras in the following food product areas – but we do so much more than this that we can’t list everything! Contact us for any food prep products you would like us to make or develop for you. Market sectors we serve: yogurt, chilled desserts, ice cream, bakery and patisserie.

Yoghurt & Desserts
We develop and create fruit and confectionery preparations that can be shelf stable, heat-stable and natural, new developments now include products with no flavours, no stabilisers, plus new preparations with no added sugar. Fruit purees, fillings and sauces are just some of what you might need from us.

Ice Cream
Specifically, for ice cream, we make fruit ripples, sauces and syrups, fruit purees, coulis and compotes.

Bakery & Confectionery Products
We can offer fruit and confectionery fillings and toppings suitable for bakery and confectionery applications such as baked cheesecakes, muffins, tarts, pies and gateaux. For them we make toffee sauces, gels and glazing gels, chocolage and caramel sauces, cheesecake toppings.

Plus, we can now offer organic fruit preparations, sauces and fillings for yoghurt, dessert and ice cream applications.

We develop food prep products specially to order so contact us with your requirements.