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What we do

Naked Foods was started in Kent 16 years ago by three clever entrepreneurial foodies, their quest was simple: to create ‘clean fruit and confectionery sauces’ with an unbeatable taste as naturally as possible.

Fast forward to the present day and their vision and sheer determination to achieve the unthinkable is proving a superb success, seeing our preps and sauces in products for the leading UK & Irish retailers, funky artisan producers, trendy restaurants and even endorsed and used by Michelin starred chefs….. It’s a bit cool.

So here we are today, our products are sitting in fridges, freezers and cupboards across the UK and Ireland, all thanks to the fab customers out there who have shared the Naked Foods vision!

We love what we do! It’s all about taste
Always exploring and working to expand our products for you
Working closely with partners on new developments

Delivering taste solutions to our customers
Continuous product development
Keeping ahead with flavour trends

Speedy response and flexible
Excellent customer service and support

Get in touch with us and tell us your requirements. We love a challenge!